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DinosaursBarbara Christopher/Dover Publications - Product Image
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Barbara Christopher/Dover Publications

Over 67 reusable patterns featuring tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, spinosaurus, many other dinosaurs, plus an amusing dinosaur alphabet.

DragonsMarty Noble/Dover Publications - Product Image
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Marty Noble/Dover Publications

Illustrators and craftspeople will find a host of uses for this collection of one of the most famous of mythical creatures. Over 120 black-and-white images of dragons are presented in this convenient, permission-free book of original renderings based on motifs in a wide array of sources--fairy tale collections, medieval French and Celtic manuscripts, Japanese and Chinese artwork, and more. The illustrations depict smoke-and-fire-breathing dragons, scaly creatures of the sea, powerful beasts endangering the lives of mariners, Celtic dragons with interwoven body parts, and much more.

Fairies & ElvesMarty Noble/Dover Publications - Product Image
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Fairies & Elves
Marty Noble/Dover Publications

75 images of elves and fairies at play amid the flowers of the forest compose this whimsical collection of patterns. The drawings appear in numerous shapes and sizes, accompanied by easy-to-follow directions explaining how to transfer them to such flat, ink-absorbing surfaces as cloth, paper, wood, and more.

Looney Tunes About Face - Product Image
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Looney Tunes About Face

Contains 40 easy to apply transfers, including Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Tz, Tweety and more. Also includes ideas on creating fun wearable art.

Mythological CreaturesMarty Noble/Dover Publications - Product Image
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Mythological Creatures
Marty Noble/Dover Publications

Add an element of whimsy to any of your craft projects with this imaginative collection of transfer patters inspired by characters from mythology. Dragons, unicorns, mermaids and phoenixes populate the pages of this intriguing collection, along with fantastic sea creatures, flying pigs and horses, frisky satyrs and other fanciful characters. 115 black & white designs

Teddy Bear Party & HolidaysTed Menten/Dover Publications - Product Image
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Teddy Bear Party & Holidays
Ted Menten/Dover Publications

81 reusable patterns teddy celebrating New Years, other holidays, birthdays, back-to-school, more. Ideal for embroidery, applique, many crafts.

UnicornsChristy Shaffer/Dover Publications - Product Image
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Christy Shaffer/Dover Publications

Needle workers, home decorators, and other craftspeople will find these charming unicorns easy to apply to any surface that absorbs ink and just the thing for transforming the mundane to the magical. The imaginative designs depict the splendid single-horned creatures as heraldic devices, sea horses, sea monsters, carousel animals, bold steeds for gallant knights even high-flying Pegasuses. They are shown rampant, reposing under a tree, gracefully cavorting with a mate, snorting, pawing the air, leaping over a rainbow, and in other poses. Easy-to-follow instructions. 24 plates. 48pp. printed in transfer ink on one side only.

Wizards, Dragons, Unicorns and Fantasy CreaturesChristy Shaffer/Dover Publications - Product Image
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Wizards, Dragons, Unicorns and Fantasy Creatures
Christy Shaffer/Dover Publications

Bewitching images beckon from enchanting fantasy lands in this easy-to-use collection of transfer patterns. Over 60 designs depict wizards, fairies, winged horses, frog princes, multi-headed beasts, and other bizarre figures-all easily adaptable for embroidery work, painting nursery furniture and walls, and a host of other crafts. The designs come in varied shapes and sizes and can be applied to any surface that absorbs ink.

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