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Igolochkoy Russian Punch Needle - 1-Strand - Product Image
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Igolochkoy Russian Punch Needle - 1-Strand

Russian Punchneedle with 2 Threaders for Easy Threading, Complete Instructions, 3" extra gauge and Sample Design.

Washable, fast and easy, Russian Punchneedle-work creates a plush raised pile using embroidery floss or other fibers. The needle originated in an immigrant community in Oregon.
Why invest in IGOLOCHKOY TM Punchneedles?

1. Stainless steel needle and brass handle (not plastic).
2. Guaranteed for 5 years.
3. Color illustrated instruction booklet for woven fabrics included with each needle package:
easy to understand,gives practice design, gives hints to what fabrics and threads that work best together
4. Time saving, 1 step threader.
5. Handle designed for easy holding.
6. Graduated needle lengths for precision, speed, control, portability, and faster threading.
7. Needle point constructed not to cut fabric.
8. Gauge system for creating loops, gives consistent pile.


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